Gourmet menu and enchanting events, a unique experience at Au Saint-Froult

Authentic flavours and friendly moments to share with friends or family.

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Au Saint-Froult

Discover our menu and unique events, combining fresh ingredients, conviviality, and the arts. Enjoy dishes prepared with local ingredients and experience lively evenings featuring music, theatre, and other artistic performances. A must-visit for all generations!

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Eclectic artistic programming at Au Saint-Froult

Au Saint-Froult

At Au Saint-Froult, we love to enhance your dining experience with a rich programme of events. Our restaurant regularly transforms into a vibrant stage where enchanting concerts, captivating theatrical performances, and other forms of artistic expression take place.

These friendly and entertaining events are designed to bring together all generations, creating a warm and lively atmosphere. Whether you're a music enthusiast, a theatre lover, or simply looking for enjoyable moments to share, our events will enchant you.

Join us for a gastronomic experience accompanied by unforgettable artistic performances at Au Saint-Froult.